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Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.


Q. How long do I keep my tax records?

A. The IRS suggests 3 years from the due date of your return, the Franchise Tax Board says 4. We here at

John P. Sands, CPA AAC suggest that you may discard canceled checks, receipts, bills and credit card

statements after 4 years. However, we suggest your tax returns, W-2s, 1099s from banks and mutual funds

or brokerage firms should be made part of your permanent records. This is to insure you have this information

available in the event they are needed for an unrelated court proceeding.

Q. How do I inquire about my tax refund?

A. The IRS has a toll free number to handle your refund inquires. It is (800) 829-4477. You should have your

social security number, your filing status, and the dollar amount of your expected refund available. Allow 4 to 6

weeks before calling. The California State refund inquiry number is (800) 852-5711.

Q. I cannot pay my tax bill this year. What can I do?

A. The IRS provides for individuals, who cannot pay their bill in full, to pay in installments, for up to five years.

We here at John P. Sands, CPA AAC will file the necessary request forms for those of you who need this